No Fokker Comes Close

Found these while looking up the spitfire. The spitfire, apart from the prolific WW2 aircraft, also is the name of a brand of british beer, who've used that in beating the germans (er, their beer that is) to a pulp. And the brand is not even old, it started only in the 90s according to their website. But the whole play on words regarding the war makes for some pretty cool advertisements. My personal favourite is "No Fokker Comes Close".

Please excuse all the red though.

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Andy said...

Thanks for posting this, i'd only seen "No Fokker Comes Close". In fact i've got a beer towel with it on http://www.flickr.com/photos/litost/464301495/.

I'd agree that is the best one, but the others are funny as well. Rare for advertising these days to actually come up with something clever *and* funny.