INS Tabar 1, Pirate Trawler 0

A krivak 3 stealth frigate is a bit of an overkill against a stolen fishing trailer with small arms, but well done to the IN for taking on the pirates when the rest of the so called powerful navies are pussyfooting around.


F, not A, for this 319

Seriously, what the hell does he think he's flying? an F-15?


SIA 345

Made a sketch of the SIA Airbus 345 lookin at a scale model i had, the other day. Proportions are fucked, but what the hell.. at least im drawing again..


KC 30 wins!

The better tanker won. I sure can hear a lot of whines from america, but the better aircraft is clearly the victor. Im not a big fan of the USAF, but I do respect their guts in this decision. It doesn't look like it was an easy choice, given the political baggage. By no means is this plane gonna supplant the Il78 Midas as my favourite, though :)


LH Close Call

Looks like even the venerable LH could've had a worse day than the beautiful Ariana.. Hamburg, this week, A320, Hurricane Emma.


Anti-Gravity Helicopter

Cool effect that happens when the FPS of the camera is the same as the RPS of the rotor.