Mach Daddy

Well, our favourite airline has finally been cleared to fly in the US. After a coupla years of legal wrangling and lobbying, they have everything needed to take to the air in one of the most protectionist domestic scenes today. So why were they lobbied against? simply because they're good. There is no airline that is more of a maverick than Virgin, and they're getting into all sorts of cool stuff these days. Like the names of their planes, for example. The first one was named Jefferson Airplane, and was inaugurated by Grace Slick, who went on record to mention that Grateful dead would have been a bad name for an airplane :D The rest were all named in a contest open to the public and sports such cool names as Mach Daddy, Virgin & Tonic, An Airplane Named Desire, Chic Mobile, Unicorn Chaser, Fog Cutter and Jane. But the names that take the podium are Airplane 2.0, Contents May be Under Pressure, and ... Winner of Naming Contest ; that last one by a dude named Sahil Dilwali. Trust an Indian to maro a ganda fatta, eh? :D

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