An ode to my bike.. ;-)

a few reasons why i love or not-so-love the karizma.....:)

Absolute power... the modified rx 100 135 etc, as well as all pulsars are easily left behind... waaaay behind. not to mention some city cruisers :D

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility. the other day i was drivin at around a 100 on mg road when somthin whacked me upside the head.. was my own bag that flew off at that speed, but being attaced to me by a shoulder strap, swung around and hit me. and im left wondering who dares catch up with me, hit me on the head and disappear at that speed... hayabusa?

Looks man, looks. babes dig you on this machine.. u really have to ride it to believe it. get on brigade street and, well, if there arent too many karizmas around, u have the entire attention. and this is only slight exaggeration. its the best when u overtake guys ridin with their gfs like they werent moving at all, then slow down, allow them to catch up, give the girl a look/smile, and pull out again.

You begin to indulge the lesser bikers a bit. the usual means of doing this is to let them catch up, overtake, and just when they are baskin in the glory of havin overtaken 225ccs, treat them to a blast of your exhaust.

Of course the babes would be no good if the bike were designed, like the pulsar, to crush your balls everytime you hit the front brakes or attempted a stoppie.

Whatever be the little troubles with the bike u cant get angry at her... one look at it in the morning sunlight and you feel all your troubles belong to someone else...especially that guy with the Platina next door :)

People are always out to get you...the first thing they ask is mileage:(

For a splendor, fill it shut it forget it. for 'zma (fill it, shut it) infinite loop. forget (filling) it at the end of the month.

Makes you a sentimental man. oh yeah? try riding at 100 with no glasses on :( you'll be in tears of joy literally...

Makes you a well dressed man. i've started wearing cotton trousers for fear of my jeans scratching the tank.

Makes you an important figure in world politics and directly influence oil prices. considering that your annual fuel intake more than matches the total intake of a few african countries...

Your hatred of auto drivers comes a full circle. first you hated having to deal with them at all. now you resent their very presence on the road. especially when you're tearing down mg road at 100 and lo, the stupid auto had to cut left...

Source of constant amazement. especially at traffic signals when you notice that the traffic on the road is actually moving... at karizma speeds you are inclined to treat all objects as stationary.

Will not go slow. will never ever go slow. the bike will commit suicide before going slow. not in first gear, not in any gear. no sir. only when u turn the engine off, switch to neutral, get off and push does it go slow. and even then, i doesnt look slow enough and you have that niggling fear in your mind whether shes still drinkin a bit of petrol as an after hours snack.

You occasionally feel like kissing her. damn.

Ok didnt feel like writing anything new to put here, so here's an old piece.


Anonymous said...

helmet me pahle se jaida aacha lag raha hai

fulcrum said...

ravi ranjan ki jai

aladdin said...

da.. da.. pazhaya post ittittu rakshapettu. ey?

still. was fun to read it again..

~La Vriel~ said...

Haha i remember this one! Going around kissin yer bike eh u crazy pw :D

Danika said...

People should read this.