Liveries...9W and AI 737s

The new liveries of 9W and AI are kinda weird on some of their aircrafts methinks. Though i generally dont think much of the new 9W colors, they do look better on their 737s than their 777s. On those the blue part looks too long while on the 737s the colours are kinda balanced. The A330s are ok, cos i like the form of the aircraft anyway :)

But its just the opposite with AI it seems to me. The AI livery looks great on the 777s and even the A320s, surprisingly. But the 737 freighters seem kinda bloated and ugly like they probably are, since the livery isn't doing much on them anyways. And this has just bothered me somehow, dont even ask :)
Though again, for the record, the new livery looks ok on the A310 freighters. Wonder what the 747s will look like.. yeah, I cant wait to see those.

Iraq's Victory

If there is a better example for achieving the impossible than Iraq's victory over Saudi Arabia in the Asian Cup Football tournament, if there is a more inspiring example of sport as an uplifter, then I'm yet to see it. To come up with a ray of hope like that when the whole world seems to be screwing them is much better than winning on any other stage, especially where overpaid losers like beckham and rooney do. Congratulations is all I can offer, and I'm just a small voice that might not be heard. But yeah, congrats nonetheless.


A400M - Airbus Heavylift

This, in all its computer generated glory, is the new venture of Airbus, the A400M military transporter. It is aimed as a Hercules replacement, and considering there aren't too many in that category being developed right now, it is expected to have a decent run amongst the large number of Hercules operators who will be looking for a replacement pretty soon. It is a high performance bird, capable of mach .72 cruise at FL370. Four huge European turboprops power it, and these engines are not only more fuel efficient than turbofans, but are also more advanced as even propeller controls have been brought into the FADEC. Of course, this one is facing delays as well, but hopefully things wont go as bad as it did with the 380. Of course, I might as well state here that i believe that once the problems are cleared and she enters service this October, the 380 is gonna prove successful and more orders would follow. Meanwhile, some more A400M pics , all the best to this first dedicated aircraft of airbus military (after 310 and 330 MRTTs :) ). Can't wait to see her in the skies...Airbus flight decks are great as a rule, but this one further ups the ante. Twin HUDs too, btw.Hopefully a sight that's coming soon to an airbase near you :) Also, cant help but comment on the 3D renders released so far. They have been of great quality, giving an excellent idea of the aircrafts capabilities. I'm not saying that this is a guarantee of performance or anything, its just that airplane buffs can get a better idea and start having fun arguing on a.net :) Now if only they'd hire these same guys to do some renders on the XWB...


AI New Livery

There you go, pics of the soon to be created AI merged entity aircraft. The livery is not as good as the old-new one, which was to have been for AI alone, but it has its fans too and I guess these things are rather subjective. The pics are of VT-ALC the third 772, VT-EQT A310, which has been converted to cargo configuration in germany for AI Cargo, and an A320 VT-PPA for what was Indian Airlines. The merger announcement is expected this month itself, and AI beat 9W to the post by starting their Nonstop to JFK from BOM on August 1st, (Jet starts on Aug 5). All the best to them. I would have loved to see an A340 in the new livery, but that is not to be. I do hope they get A380s and not the 747-8.

The Mongrel

Did a bit of exploration on surface modeling in Rhino 4 and this is what I ended up with. I christened it 'Mongrel" 'cos it resembles a lot of planes i know and love :) Especially the Rafale. Will do more work on it in terms of detailing and then rendering, soon as I can find time. I suppose I had a ground attack fighter in mind considering the upturned nose.

Operation Wright

These are the pics of the concorde cardmodel I made as part of the aeromodelling workshop I'm conducting for my team at work. Will post more soon as i can shoot some. We have named the workshop operation wright, with phases in paper planes, card models and the final step of a flying electric model. Hopefully I'll be able to better document the flying model.