Liveries...9W and AI 737s

The new liveries of 9W and AI are kinda weird on some of their aircrafts methinks. Though i generally dont think much of the new 9W colors, they do look better on their 737s than their 777s. On those the blue part looks too long while on the 737s the colours are kinda balanced. The A330s are ok, cos i like the form of the aircraft anyway :)

But its just the opposite with AI it seems to me. The AI livery looks great on the 777s and even the A320s, surprisingly. But the 737 freighters seem kinda bloated and ugly like they probably are, since the livery isn't doing much on them anyways. And this has just bothered me somehow, dont even ask :)
Though again, for the record, the new livery looks ok on the A310 freighters. Wonder what the 747s will look like.. yeah, I cant wait to see those.

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