And what did the mad Russians do?

They took a piss over everyone at Aero India that's what they did. I still remember clearly... the americans showing off the F-teens, doing their darnedest best to capture the crowd's imagination. They really sounded desperate, when their almost propaganda-like voice over called their planes the defenders of freedom, et al.. the C-17 doing admittedly impressive flypasts, but wasn't good enough.. the Swedes had a go with their little gripen, but that wasn't up to scratch as well. Hell, even the LCA or the Sarangs or the IAF Su 30 MKI solo which was far better than most that we'd seen all day, was not the best.
The best of the lot, was one diminutive bright red and white mig-29 OVT fighter from russia that took to the skies in the afternoon with some faintly familiar western classical music playing on the klaxons... and the crowd went quiet looking at the awesome spectacle that followed. I remember wanting to shout out, cheer that mad pilot, but like every other person in that crownd, i didnt want to ruin the moment. Five-odd minutes passed like a dream, with the plane showing us stuff we didnt imagine was possible. I mean, i had thought i'd seen it all with the Su-30MKIs this year as well as last, but this guy stood all of that on its head.And the crowd erupted in applause as soon as his show was over and he flew away from the airfield. Not even the surya kirans could match him in the intensity of applause received. I saw a few teary eyed folks after that.. and no, im not joking.. in less than five minutes, this russian plane had taken a piss over all the other contingents in the airshow, at least from the lay-crowd's standpoint. If the Mig wins the MRCA order, he'll have had the last laugh on top of this, as well...
Anyway, the Russians are doing it again right now at Dubai Air Show, and unless Airbus are gonna fly a squadron of 380s barrel rolling in formation, this guy's gonna take the cake again...

Ive added a video above, that hardly does justice to what i saw.

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