Sukhoi mounts a Challenge

Sukhoi has unveiled the superjet 100, its contender for the regional jet market. With backing from a lot of heavyweights including boeing and snecma, this first all new post-soviet has notched up some orders already. I love russian jets, especially sukhois and migs. and like a little kid backing his team in a football match, i often close my eyes and pray.. that this plane makes it big, and as a long shot, that alliance air buys these so that i might fly on them on a day not too far away. So far all I've seen is its Sam146 engine at aero india 2007.

goodluck and godspeed, sukhoi.



In utter boredom, i bring to you people who are madder than i am, or can ever hope to be. We have with us mad stuntmen...

... mad pilots (god bless them)...

...mad russian pilots (as if there weren't enough)...

...mad transformers geeks... ok thats enough madness for now i guess. anti boredom campaigns rule.


Cold War Kids - We Used to Vacation

Continuing with the music video trip.. this is a band i've just started listening to, so can't really recommend them since i dont know too much. But i do like what i've heard so far, and am putting this up. I like the video as well, perhaps a tad more than the song..


Stop - Kopek

Animated video for a song named 'Stop' by a band called 'Kopek'. I know very little about them except the fact that they are an indie outfit, and they don't seem to have a website as yet, or even a wiki entry. But the song is good, as is the video. Got it from here, actually. There are some stills as well as the animatics there.

EDIT : they do have a site, and its pretty neat as well...


Just for Laffs..

Now i know why viral videos are, um, viral.. was just sittin around bored when i came across the above two videos, and nearly fell outta my chair laughing despite the fact that i've seen them before. I've come to the conclusion that there are too many bored people in the world, though the conclusion is not one that puts me in a Sherlock Holmes sorta league. Anwyay...

King Antonov the 2nd

I now have a roommate, and his name is Antonov the Second, King of Suburbia. I missed Antonov (the First, in picture) a lot the other day, and i suspect that this had something to do with the fact that both egress routes from my house lead via an aquarium. So i snapped, and stepped into one, and now A2 is here. Of course, i rather foolishly forgot that i am going away for two months, so now i have to arrange another royal quarters for his highness.

Edit: King Antonov the 2nd is with us no more, he passed away a few weeks back. R.I.P.


Kuznetsov Carrier Ops

Sukhoi SU-33

Some really cool footage of the Naval Sukhois in action off the deck of the Admiral Kuznetsov. If old soviet footage was great due to their furtive, archival nature, i think new Russian military footage is awesome in their ability to impress and showcase capabilities. And a great plane as well, though we'd be getting the sister MiG-29 Ks cos these are too big for the Gorshkov nee Vikramaditya.


More Fulcrum

Some pretty cool footage in this 15 min video about the MiG-29 fulcrum. Pretty exhaustive, covering a lot of variants and aspects like maintenance as well. I'm on the lookout for a good video of the OVT Fulcrum, i've seen it with my own eyes at aero india and i was amazed at what it could do. Hope we buy these for the airforce ;)